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Former Congressional Staffer

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Career & Professional Leadership Experience:

  • President & CEO, EMC Strategy Group, LLC, San Antonio, TX
  • Chief Operating Officer, Boy Scouts of America, San Antonio, TX
  • Chief Operating Officer, Boy Scouts of America, El Paso, TX
  • Government Relations & Development Director, Boy Scouts, Washington, DC
  • Public Policy Director, J & E Government Relations Consultants, Washington, DC
  • District Director, Boy Scouts of America, Rio Grande Valley, TX
  • Special Projects & Grants Director, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC
  • Public Relations Director, Boy Scouts of America, Rio Grande Valley, TX
  • Deputy District Clerk In-Charge of Juries, Cameron County, Brownsville, TX

President & CEO Ernie Gonzalez is a 20 plus year veteran in the government and nonprofit sector. Ernie Gonzalez has devoted his professional life to public service.  After graduating from high school, Ernie enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  During college Ernie interned and worked for the Brownsville Police Department and Cameron County District Clerk’s Office.  Ernie’s quest for public service continued as he became active in local and national politics.  He was elected as a local precinct chairman in Cameron County and Vice President of the Texas Young Democrats.  Ernie has worked on numerous local, state and national political campaigns.  He served as Special Projects/Grants Director & Legislative Aid for Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  While with the U.S. Congress, Ernie covered education, special projects, judicial nominations, veteran affairs, law enforcement and executive branch relations. His congressional work also included working with cities, counties and school districts to secure federal funding to support local operations and special projects. Ernie’s nonprofit experience is extensive.  He held several leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America in the Rio Grande Valley, Washington, DC, El Paso and San Antonio.  These positions included Public Relations Director, Executive and Chief Operating Officer.  Ernie is a member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  His volunteer service has included leadership positions in chambers of commerce in Brownsville, Harlingen, Washington DC, El Paso and San Antonio.  Ernie has served on the following chamber committees: Armed Services, Business Development, Economic Development, Education, Government Relations and Transportation. His past affiliations include former Rotarian, Past President of the University of Texas at Brownsville Alumni Association, Knights of Columbus, Marine Corps League, Texas Young Democrats, Vice President of the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association, and the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JAYCEES).