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EMC Strategy Group offers simple manpower alternatives for our clients…

Cities and Counties on average pay $65,000 in salary, benefits, taxes and paid leave for a Government Relations Director, Public Information Officer or Grants Director.

Nonprofits on average pay $60,000 in salary, benefits, taxes and paid leave for a Development Director or Public Relations Director.

There are no overtime issues with EMC. Like the military, we are mission and task oriented.  We are done when the project is done.

EMC’s team has the operational experience to replace expensive overhead and save our clients’ money.  Bottom line, when contracting with EMC, employers avoid the high cost of having a salaried employee, avoid potential unemployment claims, avoid potential worker’s compensation claims and the liability of wrongful termination lawsuits and avoid the overtime issues.  We are a smarter, safer and low-cost solution to meet your organization’s manpower and project needs.

We specialize in: Government and Community Relations, Total Fund Development, Campaign and Project Management, Business and Economic Development and Training.

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