Political Campaign Management

EMC President & CEO Ernie Gonzalez and EMC Owner & Founder Janice M. Gonzalez as Texas Young Democrats

EMC’s Leadership has over 21 years of political campaign experience. ¬†In their early 20’s they worked passionately in the 1996 Clinton/Gore Campaign and Victor Morales for U.S. Senate Campaign.

Soon after Janice and Ernie moved to Washington, DC, where she worked for U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd and he worked for Congressman Solomon Ortiz.

Our team has worked in numerous presidential, gubernatorial, senate, congressional, state legislative, county, city, school district, and special bond elections.

EMC works with candidates to develop winning strategies and complete campaign organization.

Our political campaign services include: campaign strategy, management, fundraising, communications, and much more.

For more information about our complete political campaign services, please contact ernie.gonzalez@emcstrategygroup.com or call 210.960.4340, ext. 101.