Business & Economic Development

EMC Strategy Group, LLC – Business & Economic Development

Economic growth is a vital driving force in any community, business and household in America.  Many communities offer its residents and local businesses a variety of resources to help strengthen the local economy, such as; chambers of commerce, economic development corporations (EDC), incubators and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC).

EMC Strategy Group provides communities, chambers of commerce and local business owners hands on consulting services to grow the local economy.  EMC Owner & Founder Janice M. Gonzalez served as the Business & Economic Development Director for the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce.  She possesses the know-how to develop strategies to take local economies and locally owned businesses to the next level.

Our firm will work with community leadership, chambers of commerce and business owners to aggressively attract new businesses, which ultimately increases both tax revenue and business revenue.  EMC will provide mentorship, training, workshops, employee and volunteer training to empower communities and business owners.

Begin to develop your business and local economy today!  Our communities and its residents need strong businesses for a brighter future.

EMC Owner & Founder Janice M. Gonzalez is the team lead for Business & Economic Development.  For more information contact or call 210.960.4340, ext. 102.

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